My brief experience with tree service


Safety is always important in any business especially for a tree service, below is bit of story about my run in with this industry few years back. Security is always on my mind but its sometimes important to learn about other industries that you service.

I used to have a job working at a convenience store where we got a lot of city employees coming in. The store was located down the street from an intersection where they had the police station, court house and library all located kind of kitty-corner from one another. We also got people coming in from the water department and the tree service division, as well as the occasional fire fighter crew.

The municipal tree service crew were always younger guys, kind of looking like the average lawn care crew you see around but perhaps a little more clean cut. One of the girls I worked with had a huge crush on one of the tree service guys, who stood at around six foot four and had a build like Arnold Schwartznegger back in the day. This guy was so big you could imagine him out there working the tree service gigs and carrying around enormous tree branches like Arnold did at the beginning of that movie Commando where he’s walking around with that giant log like it’s nothing.

So every time the tree service guys would come in, this girl I worked with would get all flustered and stare at this dude with stars in her eyes like she was just a fourteen year old kid or something. I think she was actually about twenty five at the time and she wasn’t normally the shy type, so it was pretty funny. It could be kind of annoying though, both in the sense that she ceased to be able to do her job properly when she came in and that she couldn’t just talk to this tree service guy like a normal human being and just ask if he wanted to hang out or something. We’re supposed to be ringing up customers and keeping the line moving, this girl was off making coffee or finding some countertop that desperately needed to be cleaned because she didn’t have the nerve to talk to this dude.

So I decided I’d had enough at one point and I wrote the girl’s phone number down with a little note and gave it to the tree service guy the next time I saw him. I asked her if it was alright first, it wasn’t like I was just throwing out this girl’s number to strangers like I’m some sort of creeper. To get his attention, I also wrote on the note, “Re: Meatwash” so he would take it seriously. When the municipal tree service guy got to the counter, the girl had done her little disappearing act so I just told him that the girl I worked with had wanted me to give him this note and I handed it to him with his change.

Lo and behold, the tree service guy was texting her before their little city truck had even pulled out of the parking lot. They actually ended up dating for a little bit. I think they ended up breaking up because of some difference in life paths but I think they were together for at least a couple months and stayed amicable afterward. What more can you hope for with just handing out somebody’s phone number?

Of course, the joke was on me because before I only had to deal with this tree service guy during the five minutes a shift where he was popping in for a drink and a snack but after that I’m hearing about him all day long from this coworker of mine. “We did this, we did that, we went here, he lives there, blah blah blah blah….” Not only did she talk about the tree service guy non-stop but there was a time when he used to pop into the job to hang out for a little while, if he was out of work for the day and she was still working the afternoon shift or something. So he went from being a normal customer to a guy standing around reading magazines and drinking coffee and trying to chat with everybody. I couldn’t win.

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Home Security Miami Securing Safety for Tree Service


Hey guys so we are working with few tree service companies lately because they need to put security on all of their storage units. We’re working with a company in Michigan and they have the great capabilities of taking down large over 100 ft oak trees and taking off branches from every limb at rapid rate with what is called a bucket truck these things cost anywhere from $70K to over $100K not to mention that have bunch of chainsaws and guess what a big crane that’s over $100 grand that will need the best home security companies

The thing about tree service industries, this guy tells me is that there are some shady people in the business and there always has been pretty shady people so he not only wants to protect his properties from the outside but he also wants to protect his valuable assets to his employees that he’s hiring constantly. Michigan is where he resides and they go through many employees, not all of them are the best sales type of people that look up craigslist and hire these people to do business with.

When you got like 30 people you go through every year because tree service is such a demanding job, then you’re going to worry whether the next person you hire is really legitimate or not. There is an old saying that goes “don’t trust the hand that feeds you” well in this world you can never in be naive and sometimes its those closest to you that can commit a costly punishment for you.

So why not have peace of mind and secure your place like the Berling Gates.

we’re here to help you. In the last post we helped a towing company get there stuff straightened out.

It’s a truly great feeling when you are able to help a local business reach new levels of security peace of mind. Because we have seen too many people get boggled down by the daily struggle of keeping security at tip top shape and we don’t want you to experience the same thing. There is to many good people in the world but there is some bad people and there’s no getting around that. When you have the best service and the work in town everyone of your competitors are gunning after you so it becomes vital to keep calm and do great without having people all up in your stuff right.

Since We installed security system for the tree service guys he claims he is sleeping much better. After all these trials and tribulations of being in the industry of security system for so long I think we are finally coming around to our own, having our own core principles that separates us from the competition. We’re pushing into the market place at a ever increasing rate, and we will continue to push and make wave, for a long time coming. And when you get to the level of core competency magic happens. That is, companies begin reaching out to you because you begin shinning brighter than everybody else.

When you work hard and put hustle to muscle and continue to take over and dominate more markets you become the authority in your field and you begin to take over more areas and take over multiple cities and customers begin paying you for your services.

Then there is more power you wield and with more power comes more responsibility. When you got the power to save someone quarter million dollars in assets then you are talking about real power and influence.

Once you got the product, now comes marketing

You see what most people don’t understand is that after you amass your great product now comes the great responsibility of getting that product or service out to the people. You are the only one that can make it happen, and you will be the only one that CAN make it happen, after so many reps in the field and many hours you will finally gain mastery, but mastery is sometimes not enough you have to reach a state where you make new things happen and you will gain tremendous ground by continuing to market and filling your pipeline up.

So when in doubt market your stuff

Some advantages include

  • Great Pipeline
  • Getting into new verticals
  • Getting known
  • Getting on the news for massive exposure

The tree service company we worked with was in Lansing, MI

Their website:

The owner was a really friendly guy and you should definitely do some business with him because he has some of the elite equipment in tree service industry and they give fair prices.

Attending Business Conference

Welcome to Florida USA

Welcome to Florida USA

I think its important to always attend seminars and learn new things, reach new levels of success you need to collaborate with top thinkers, the movers and the shakers of the world. I think we all come to a point where we make a decision to commit to our success, to give up all the time wasting bs in the world and commit to a greater vision for life, to commit to a purpose for life.

I think when we finally find that passion in life is when we become excited and passionate about life, and when the fun really begins. I am one the lucky one that was able to find that purpose at a young age of 12

And from age 12 I just carried force with the best abilities to overcome anything and everything because of personal tragedies.

I am extremely motivated individual that won’t take no for an answer, I do whatever it takes to get the job done.


I was at a business conference the other day and met a business owner from Michigan that would like to install security system at his warehouse, he runs a tow truck business and his warehouse has quarter million dollars worth of equipment inside with tow truck that are worth a lot of money, he has in total 3 and he has other great equipment so he is not about to take any chances I can’t blame.

Its amazing what can happen when you just go out there and meet people, instead of staying in and waiting for your business to grow. I come to a conclusion about running a business is that no one is going to grow it for you. You have to continually push and make it grow yourself. Everyone is in this together and the more you put time and energy and consorted focus into your projects the further and more successful it becomes, so here I was talking to a tow truck guy and we now have the potential of doing big business together for many years to come.

Everyone that is starting a business, I encourage you to go out there and tell people about your services because you will begin to get attention and money will follow attention. Tell enough people about your product or service everyday and you can’t fail. This is the rules I live by and this is what I like to see for you. There is money on the table and if that money is not there for the taking then I would be very inclined to take it from you. The point is get hungry and get out there and take names.

You never know when that next person you call is that one person you will be doing business for years to come. There is potential everywhere people and we just have to go out there and seize it all up.

His site: The Great Tow Truck Company

Home Security that allows you to sleep good at night


We are so passionate about this project because there are people out there that feel afraid at night and going to bed. There are people that have nightmares of home invasion and have trouble getting a deep restful sleep and that affects their whole quality of life. At Home Security Miami Fl, we had to battle with some of the most cunning & intelligent thieves out there that were very proficient at breaking and entering without setting off the typical alarm system,

It was when the owner of our company became victim of home invasion that we really turned up the volume on how to create the greatest security system in the world. We are committed to greatness, and we are reaching out into the world to show others that we are truly masters of this game called home security.

We are committed to our success and reaching our goal to become the greatest provider of security system in the nation. We have hired ex-CSI and FBI agents to come help us develop some of the leading edge technologies that can detect burglaries from a mile away, literally. We believe we have created a system that is so bullet proof that people will not find anything better out there in terms of catching thieves and preventing home invasion.

First of all we have incorporated home invasion prevention that takes criminals and turns them into readily seen heat detected infrared activated sensor detectors. What that means is that we can see through walls and set off alarms that they are near by and approaching vicinity of the property. We are extremely proficient and not only catching these criminals dead in their tracks but ID’ing them so that even if they get away before police enforcement arrive they are doomed.

We continually work to improve home security because we feel that everyone in the US should be able to sleep safe and sound and never have to worry about people invading them. There’s been a lot of movies recently with home invasion theme like Law Abiding Citizen where in the beginning of the movie there was a very grotesque scene of the thieves that broke into a home and scene blacked out in conclusion there was murder and the victim’s family deceased.

This dramatized scene was so powerful to the owner of this company that he was shaking from feet up, from then on we became completely committed to ensuring that we bring home security to the next level, making sure every home in America one day has home security system so strong that it even deters all bad people from invading homes all together. We want to eventually create a global system where home invasion will cease to exist. Yes there will always be bad people in the world but they will stop home invasion all together.

With the technology we have available today we feel that this is a true possibility and all it will take is more persistence to ensuring that we create a system that is bullet proof. We want to make sure that when home security is in place we make an impact in the statistics, the real data out there on ensuring that home are truly protected and secure.

We will work tirelessly until this takes place and we won’t stop till we make it happen!

Making it big, National Level! What does it take to become a national brand?

How do we make it big, what does it take to become a national brand?

In today’s article we want to open a discussion about what does it take to get big?

What is the recipe for start up companies that has had success in their local market but now begin expanding out into the market place and becoming a national brand? What is the success formula for this?

You see most people don’t realize the hustle & the grit required to go national level. You have to fight multiple battles a long the way from big corporations to other giants that wants to see nothing more than for you to get crushed and go back to the cubby hole you came from.

But just like in the story David & Goliath it is possible to take on these giants and beat them. It takes massive persistent action, you just need to work harder and become more resilient while not allowing it to consume all your time & resources.

For example in the home security niche, we want to build an empire national but there’s already few national companies out there, so we take a look at where they are weak in and begin attacking those areas. For example, a lot of the national level players lack the social media exposure and they are lacking putting face to their organization, there’s no buzz or excitement about their product like there would be for an iPhone for example.

Our plan to execute would be to go out there and make bold statements on social media and encourage our content to go viral, if that includes a shocking video like this than that’s what we’ll use

We believe by continuing to hammer away at social media and youtube we’ll begin creating a momentum that will carry our whole organization into becoming the most well-known in the market place and that is the key.

We don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but its important for the customer to think your the biggest.

Hang Tight, New Site about Home Security Systems


We are company that produces home security for people’s homes. We originated as Miami Florida company but now we are branching out nationwide, and seeing big growth in our horizons. We are family operated company that had the help of few insiders from CIA that let us in on some ground breaking technology about security systems. We are passionate about protecting people’s home so that people can have peace of mind in their sleep. We are all about making sure that everyone is safe under our watch.

Our technology involves infrared heat sensors that makes Bulgary almost impossible as hiding behind walls will not work. Our unique profiling system can know which person is one of the home and which is an intruder. We also build finger print activation system and our security comes with auto-alert to nearest police enforcement.

We believe we have build the greatest home security system on the planet as we were intended to protect people from the recent rise in home invasion in Miami, FL, in that battle the circumstances pushed us to innovate new technologies that will become the strongest home security system of the world.

We are excited to begin introducing this system to more homes around the world so that we effectively reduce even the occurance of bulgarly as criminals catch on to how bullet proof our system is. This is our goal and intention to one day get rid of the theft and home invasion from the world, if our system can catch any theft then even thieves would have to smarten up after a while.

Follow us as we talk about security system and more about our personal journey of how to grow our business and make it bigger on the massive scale.