We are company that produces home security for people’s homes. We originated as Miami Florida company but now we are branching out nationwide, and seeing big growth in our horizons. We are family operated company that had the help of few insiders from CIA that let us in on some ground breaking technology about security systems. We are passionate about protecting people’s home so that people can have peace of mind in their sleep. We are all about making sure that everyone is safe under our watch.

Our technology involves infrared heat sensors that makes Bulgary almost impossible as hiding behind walls will not work. Our unique profiling system can know which person is one of the home and which is an intruder. We also build finger print activation system and our security comes with auto-alert to nearest police enforcement.

We believe we have build the greatest home security system on the planet as we were intended to protect people from the recent rise in home invasion in Miami, FL, in that battle the circumstances pushed us to innovate new technologies that will become the strongest home security system of the world.

We are excited to begin introducing this system to more homes around the world so that we effectively reduce even the occurance of bulgarly as criminals catch on to how bullet proof our system is. This is our goal and intention to one day get rid of the theft and home invasion from the world, if our system can catch any theft then even thieves would have to smarten up after a while.

Follow us as we talk about security system and more about our personal journey of how to grow our business and make it bigger on the massive scale.

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