How do we make it big, what does it take to become a national brand?

In today’s article we want to open a discussion about what does it take to get big?

What is the recipe for start up companies that has had success in their local market but now begin expanding out into the market place and becoming a national brand? What is the success formula for this?

You see most people don’t realize the hustle & the grit required to go national level. You have to fight multiple battles a long the way from big corporations to other giants that wants to see nothing more than for you to get crushed and go back to the cubby hole you came from.

But just like in the story David & Goliath it is possible to take on these giants and beat them. It takes massive persistent action, you just need to work harder and become more resilient while not allowing it to consume all your time & resources.

For example in the home security niche, we want to build an empire national but there’s already few national companies out there, so we take a look at where they are weak in and begin attacking those areas. For example, a lot of the national level players lack the social media exposure and they are lacking putting face to their organization, there’s no buzz or excitement about their product like there would be for an iPhone for example.

Our plan to execute would be to go out there and make bold statements on social media and encourage our content to go viral, if that includes a shocking video like this than that’s what we’ll use

We believe by continuing to hammer away at social media and youtube we’ll begin creating a momentum that will carry our whole organization into becoming the most well-known in the market place and that is the key.

We don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but its important for the customer to think your the biggest.

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