Welcome to Florida USA

Welcome to Florida USA

I think its important to always attend seminars and learn new things, reach new levels of success you need to collaborate with top thinkers, the movers and the shakers of the world. I think we all come to a point where we make a decision to commit to our success, to give up all the time wasting bs in the world and commit to a greater vision for life, to commit to a purpose for life.

I think when we finally find that passion in life is when we become excited and passionate about life, and when the fun really begins. I am one the lucky one that was able to find that purpose at a young age of 12

And from age 12 I just carried force with the best abilities to overcome anything and everything because of personal tragedies.

I am extremely motivated individual that won’t take no for an answer, I do whatever it takes to get the job done.


I was at a business conference the other day and met a business owner from Michigan that would like to install security system at his warehouse, he runs a tow truck business and his warehouse has quarter million dollars worth of equipment inside with tow truck that are worth a lot of money, he has in total 3 and he has other great equipment so he is not about to take any chances I can’t blame.

Its amazing what can happen when you just go out there and meet people, instead of staying in and waiting for your business to grow. I come to a conclusion about running a business is that no one is going to grow it for you. You have to continually push and make it grow yourself. Everyone is in this together and the more you put time and energy and consorted focus into your projects the further and more successful it becomes, so here I was talking to a tow truck guy and we now have the potential of doing big business together for many years to come.

Everyone that is starting a business, I encourage you to go out there and tell people about your services because you will begin to get attention and money will follow attention. Tell enough people about your product or service everyday and you can’t fail. This is the rules I live by and this is what I like to see for you. There is money on the table and if that money is not there for the taking then I would be very inclined to take it from you. The point is get hungry and get out there and take names.

You never know when that next person you call is that one person you will be doing business for years to come. There is potential everywhere people and we just have to go out there and seize it all up.

His site: The Great Tow Truck Company

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