Hey guys so we are working with few tree service companies lately because they need to put security on all of their storage units. We’re working with a company in Michigan and they have the great capabilities of taking down large over 100 ft oak trees and taking off branches from every limb at rapid rate with what is called a bucket truck these things cost anywhere from $70K to over $100K not to mention that have bunch of chainsaws and guess what a big crane that’s over $100 grand that will need the best home security companies

The thing about tree service industries, this guy tells me is that there are some shady people in the business and there always has been pretty shady people so he not only wants to protect his properties from the outside but he also wants to protect his valuable assets to his employees that he’s hiring constantly. Michigan is where he resides and they go through many employees, not all of them are the best sales type of people that look up craigslist and hire these people to do business with.

When you got like 30 people you go through every year because tree service is such a demanding job, then you’re going to worry whether the next person you hire is really legitimate or not. There is an old saying that goes “don’t trust the hand that feeds you” well in this world you can never in be naive and sometimes its those closest to you that can commit a costly punishment for you.

So why not have peace of mind and secure your place like the Berling Gates.

we’re here to help you. In the last post we helped a towing company get there stuff straightened out.

It’s a truly great feeling when you are able to help a local business reach new levels of security peace of mind. Because we have seen too many people get boggled down by the daily struggle of keeping security at tip top shape and we don’t want you to experience the same thing. There is to many good people in the world but there is some bad people and there’s no getting around that. When you have the best service and the work in town everyone of your competitors are gunning after you so it becomes vital to keep calm and do great without having people all up in your stuff right.

Since We installed security system for the tree service guys he claims he is sleeping much better. After all these trials and tribulations of being in the industry of security system for so long I think we are finally coming around to our own, having our own core principles that separates us from the competition. We’re pushing into the market place at a ever increasing rate, and we will continue to push and make wave, for a long time coming. And when you get to the level of core competency magic happens. That is, companies begin reaching out to you because you begin shinning brighter than everybody else.

When you work hard and put hustle to muscle and continue to take over and dominate more markets you become the authority in your field and you begin to take over more areas and take over multiple cities and customers begin paying you for your services.

Then there is more power you wield and with more power comes more responsibility. When you got the power to save someone quarter million dollars in assets then you are talking about real power and influence.

Once you got the product, now comes marketing

You see what most people don’t understand is that after you amass your great product now comes the great responsibility of getting that product or service out to the people. You are the only one that can make it happen, and you will be the only one that CAN make it happen, after so many reps in the field and many hours you will finally gain mastery, but mastery is sometimes not enough you have to reach a state where you make new things happen and you will gain tremendous ground by continuing to market and filling your pipeline up.

So when in doubt market your stuff

Some advantages include

  • Great Pipeline
  • Getting into new verticals
  • Getting known
  • Getting on the news for massive exposure

The tree service company we worked with was in Lansing, MI

Their website: http://www.lansingtree.com/

The owner was a really friendly guy and you should definitely do some business with him because he has some of the elite equipment in tree service industry and they give fair prices.

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