We are privately owned home security system company based out of Miami but now expanding nationally into a bigger operation. We are passionate about home security as we had many home invasion problem in Miami for the last decade. Our mission is to create a home security system so bullet proof that bad people will be forced to do something else other than home invasion. Some technologies we use include infrared detection so the suspect is caught even behind walls. We believe we now have the technology to detect and alarm home system before they even happen. And not only detect by simultaneously ID the suspect and give police great information that leads to the eventual demise of the suspect.

Most importantly we give our clients the peace of mind they deserve knowing that their home security system is like having the great police force always at your side or by the front door. We make sure that everyone is protected and safe, 24/7 and we’re also using HD cameras to distinguish between home invasion and just a friendly person. We have staff that watch over through this camera to tell the difference. Our team watch over clients alarm system 24/7.

As we grow and expand into other states, we could use more press so make sure to share our blog posts with friends and family.


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