My brief experience with tree service


Safety is always important in any business especially for a tree service, below is bit of story about my run in with this industry few years back. Security is always on my mind but its sometimes important to learn about other industries that you service.

I used to have a job working at a convenience store where we got a lot of city employees coming in. The store was located down the street from an intersection where they had the police station, court house and library all located kind of kitty-corner from one another. We also got people coming in from the water department and the tree service division, as well as the occasional fire fighter crew.

The municipal tree service crew were always younger guys, kind of looking like the average lawn care crew you see around but perhaps a little more clean cut. One of the girls I worked with had a huge crush on one of the tree service guys, who stood at around six foot four and had a build like Arnold Schwartznegger back in the day. This guy was so big you could imagine him out there working the tree service gigs and carrying around enormous tree branches like Arnold did at the beginning of that movie Commando where he’s walking around with that giant log like it’s nothing.

So every time the tree service guys would come in, this girl I worked with would get all flustered and stare at this dude with stars in her eyes like she was just a fourteen year old kid or something. I think she was actually about twenty five at the time and she wasn’t normally the shy type, so it was pretty funny. It could be kind of annoying though, both in the sense that she ceased to be able to do her job properly when she came in and that she couldn’t just talk to this tree service guy like a normal human being and just ask if he wanted to hang out or something. We’re supposed to be ringing up customers and keeping the line moving, this girl was off making coffee or finding some countertop that desperately needed to be cleaned because she didn’t have the nerve to talk to this dude.

So I decided I’d had enough at one point and I wrote the girl’s phone number down with a little note and gave it to the tree service guy the next time I saw him. I asked her if it was alright first, it wasn’t like I was just throwing out this girl’s number to strangers like I’m some sort of creeper. To get his attention, I also wrote on the note, “Re: Meatwash” so he would take it seriously. When the municipal tree service guy got to the counter, the girl had done her little disappearing act so I just told him that the girl I worked with had wanted me to give him this note and I handed it to him with his change.

Lo and behold, the tree service guy was texting her before their little city truck had even pulled out of the parking lot. They actually ended up dating for a little bit. I think they ended up breaking up because of some difference in life paths but I think they were together for at least a couple months and stayed amicable afterward. What more can you hope for with just handing out somebody’s phone number?

Of course, the joke was on me because before I only had to deal with this tree service guy during the five minutes a shift where he was popping in for a drink and a snack but after that I’m hearing about him all day long from this coworker of mine. “We did this, we did that, we went here, he lives there, blah blah blah blah….” Not only did she talk about the tree service guy non-stop but there was a time when he used to pop into the job to hang out for a little while, if he was out of work for the day and she was still working the afternoon shift or something. So he went from being a normal customer to a guy standing around reading magazines and drinking coffee and trying to chat with everybody. I couldn’t win.

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